My Canon Powershot A430 Doesn't Lie

Nov. 17, 2006

Eric, I appreciate your loyalty to the littering population (see comment on last post), but my earlier post is no exaggeration. On my way to Starbucks this morning I still had my digital camera with me in my “going out purse” from last night so I took some shots.

You might wonder, is this the renowned city of Ann Arbor, or a garbage dump?

Note to freshmen, send these pictures to your grandmother to show her where you live and she’ll start to cry and probably send you money.

But seriously, these pictures of garbage that “just missed” the trash can, trash cans tipped over, and the ruins of Saturday night’s party still there on a Wednesday do not capture an image of U of M that we would be proud of. Would we cheer if a U of M recruiting commercial during the Buckeye game flashed pictures of off campus housing? Hell no. It would make us look like trash. What’s more, it’s embarrassing when our visitors from other schools have to skip, hop, and jump through an obstacle course of trash to get from their car to our front door. Our school has a great reputation, we shouldn't trash that image with our litter.

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